New Delhi: In a sensational revelation about former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s younger son Sanjay Gandhi, the US cable WikiLeaks has claimed that the Congress leader had reached out to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh during the emergency period. However, the right wing Hindu group turned down Sanjay’s offer to make truce.

According to WikiLeaks dispatches sent to US Embassy after imposition of emergency, RSS was playing the role of Opposition and Sanjay Gandhi had dreamt to become the Prime Minister of India.

The cable further claimed that the US had suspected that in case of Indira Gandhi’s death, Sanjay might take over the reign. Whereas, a faction in the Congress was not in favour of Sanjay becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Earlier, the US cable had claimed that three attempts were made to kill Sanjay Gandhi during his visit to Uttar Pradesh in the emergency period.


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