Chandigarh: One of the scholars of Russian University for the Humanities, Indira A Gaziwa said that the popularisation of Hindi and Sanskrit is picking up in Russia.

She also said that Russians relish Indian culture and they are rapidly adopting it as well. Indira gave a glimpse of Russian culture during a lecture at Punjab University on Monday.

She candidly expressed her views on Hindi language. Dr. Anna of Moscow State University and Dr Alexander of Vochkovaskaya and Institute of Oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences also expressed their views on Hindi literature.

“Sanskrit and Russian language are prosperous”, Chairman of Sanskrit department Professor VK Alankar said. “The sentence abstract of these languages are also similar”.

During the event, Professor Pankaj Malviya acknowledged the emergence of Aryans in India. 

Professor Shankar G Jha, Professor Vikram Kumar along with the students came up with their opinions on Sanskrit and Russian subjects.