Tarn Taran: Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who lost his battle for life on Thursday in a Pakistan hospital after murderous attack on him, perhaps had foreseen the possibility of fatal attack on him and not returning alive to his motherland.

Sarabjit had expressed his fears and pains to his wife Sukhpreet Kaur in a letter written to her in 1991, after the Pakistani court pronounced death sentence to him.

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Sarabjit wrote: Meri pyari Sukhpreet, tenu ki dassan, Jadon da menu faansi lagaun da hukam hoya udo to meri tadaf aaun lai vadh gai hai. Mai aapnia dhiaa nu pyar nahi de sakda. Lagda hai ki jive meri lassh vi tenu naseeb nahi honi…. (My dear Sukhpreet, ever since the court has pronounced death sentence to me, my desire to meet you all has increased. I cannot express intense of affection for my daughters. My hopes to meet you have shattered. It seems that you will not get even my mortal remains)

The world was over for Sarabjit’s family after the judgement of Pakistan court. Sarabjit’s letter came as a shocker to his family further raising fears for his life. Years later, hopes revived after Sarabjit’s sister Dalbir Kaur received a hand written letter of her brother from Pakistan.

In the letter, Sarabjit sounded hopeful about his release as he mentioned about the visit of Indian diplomats to the jail. “I am writing this letter while sitting in front of two Indian officials, who came to meet me. Please pray for me that I am able to meet my family soon and look after my sister and daughters,” Sarabjit wrote to Dalbir.

But Sarabjit’s fateful journey of 22 years ended on a sad note. Letters by Sarabjit to his family are nothing but part of his memories.


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