"Investigation is being influenced. It is not acceptable that I will rot in jail while those involved will
roam freely. I am giving three days' time, if action is not taken I will commit suicide," the suspended Trinamool Congress MP told Metropolitan Magistrate Arvind Mishra at Bankshall Court here.

"I pray to you to pass an order that during these three days, none of my relatives or my lawyer be allowed to meet me or else I may get influenced and dissuaded," Ghosh, who had during earlier court hearings accused some top Trinamool Congress leaders of having benefitted from the scam,
told the judge.
Ghosh, a journalist by profession and a former CEO of Saradha Group firm Bengal Media Ltd, claimed that the CBI had not acted on the files of Bengal Media that were shown to him or against those he had named.

He also claimed that the Kolkata Police commissioner had stood by Saradha Group CEO and main accused Sudipta Sen, who was also in the dock of the court room along with Ghosh, during a function and had said that he was good person.

"Kolkata Police Commissioner stood by him (Sen) and certified him to be a good man. Why is action not being taken against him? Is it because he is an IPS officer?" Ghosh, who has made startling allegations during court hearings on several occasions, stated before the court.
"What action has been taken against those who started the ponzi schemes, who made him buy media houses and those who were involved in money market disbursals?"
"I have been framed as I took money in cheques but nothing happened to those who took in cash," he claimed. "You see to it that they don't go scot free," he submitted.



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