Los Angeles: Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is the boss at home and says she feels that she should allow her husband Matthew Broderick to do more household chores.

The 'Sex And The City' actress says Broderick, with whom she has son James Wilkie, nine, and two-year-old twins Marion and Tabitha, is very involved with family life but sometimes she can't help but take over their domestic tasks, reports a website.

'He helps a lot. There are things I could let him do more, but I just don't because it's my nature. But if I ask for help or he sees the need, he has his own instinct.'

The 46-year-old also admitted she is sometimes a 'disaster' when it comes to juggling work and family life.

'I'm like many women - some days I'm victorious and some days it's a disaster. There's an enormous difference between what happens in my life and most working women. I can decide not to work when I want to and millions of women don't have that liberty,' said Sarah.