Well, Sardar Patel was born in the family of peasants. His father had worked in the army of the Queen of Jhansi. Sardar Patel used to work with his father on fields. He even would observe day long fast twice a month. With this, the noble soul always had soft corner for the poor and underprivileged people.

Sardar Patel was extremely close to Mahatma Gandhi. His attachment was such that after the assassination of Gandhi, even his health started to deteriorate and just after two months he suffered a major heart attack.

Do you know the actual birth date of Sardar Patel is still unknown as it is not mentioned anywhere on the official records. People follow 31st October as his birthday because this date is mentioned on his matriculation examination papers. Reports suggest that his place of birth is Karamsad.

Very few people know that Sardar Patel was suffering from Bubonic Plague. Well, it all happened when his friend was infected by Bubonic Plague outbreak in Gujarat. Sardar Patel went to his friend to take his care and himself got infected. He thereafter  hibernated to dilapidated temple in Nadiad. He returned only after he recovered fully from the disease.

Do you know Sardar Patel as the country's first Home Minister imposed a ban on Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) for their alleged role in the assassination of  Mahatma Gandhi.



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