Gail was announced the winner of the title Sunday. The first and second runner-ups are Miss Panama, and Miss Mexico, respectively. The theme chosen by Noronha for the yellow-coloured sari was carnival of Indian toys and festivals. The three-tier dome like garment celebrates the mind of an Indian child and its contribution to the global education system and historic artistry, read a statement.

With extensive and intricate handmade detailing along with 3D effects, the upper part of the abstract sari gown was made of a custom textile fabric containing several cartoon characters from Indian comics, multimedia and press. The bottom dome of the sari, ascending in size, flaunted traditional toys of India like Kondapalli and Channapatna along with handicrafts. It also had hand painted dancers with 3D Indian art and Mughal windows.

The backpack was a combined design of India's pride - National tree (Banyan tree), National bird (Peacock), National animal (Tiger) and National flower (Lotus) along with a woman holding her child with a book (representing the importance of a mother and her teachings in the Indian society). For the choli, the designer used hand-painted cartoons depicting images of famous Indian musicians. If the headgear featured local handicraft and bead work, it also represented Indian women as the princess of the multi-cultural nation.

The final round of the pageant is scheduled to take place in Guayaquil, Ecuador Sep 13.