Sasaram: A total of 40 criminals and Maoists lodged in the divisional jail in Bihar's Rohtas district today expressed desire to join mainstream. "These under-trial criminals and Maoists expressed desire to join mainstream and start new life by taking benefits of the state government's rehabilitation scheme," Superintendent of Police (SP) Manu Maharaj said after visiting the jail and meeting 60 inmates.

"The accused in DFO murder case Vinod Rajbhar and Rajendra Uraon and Maoist leaders - Naresh Rajbhar, Manoj Yadav, Sushil Chaudhary, Upendra Chero and Ramashish Ram - were among those who expressed desire to join the mainstream," he said.

Maharaj said he would take up the case of those jailed criminals and Maoists joining the mainstream under the rehabilitation programme.

Clothes were distributed among the inmates under the community policing programme. The police in Rohtas district launched community policing programme to bring Maoists and criminals to the mainstream by offering them various assistances.