Chennai: In an apparent reconciliation move, Jayalalithaa's estranged close aide Sasikala on Wednesday said that she wants to serve the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

VK Sasikala said she never dreamt of betraying the trust of the former reposed in her and it had shocked her that her relatives had misused the AIADMK leader's position.

Sasikala said in a statement that she had severed her connections with her relatives and those who thought of betraying Jayalalithaa cannot be pardoned.

"It is an unpardonable betrayal by those who claimed to be my relatives and friends to have indulged in activities against Jayalalithaa. Those who betrayed my sister is not needed by me", Sasikala said in a statement.

She traced her association with Jayalalithaa since 1984 and said that she had lived in the actor-turned-politician's Poes Garden residence since 1988.

“I wanted to reduce the work burden of Jayalalithaa. I did not have any hidden agenda except serving Jayalalithaa. She accepted me as her younger sister,” Sasikala said.

According to Sasikala, it was only in December after Jayalalithaa cracked down on her family members she realized that her relatives and friends had misused the Chief Minister's status.

In December, Jayalalithaa sacked Sasikala and several others from the basic membership of the party without giving any reason.

Sasikala, who is facing charges in a disproportionate asset case along with Jayalalithaa in a Bangalore court said, "there is no link or relationship with those who betrayed my elder sister".

Sasikala claimed innocence, saying that she came to know about the happenings which were against the party's interest and conspiracy against Jayalalithaa only after she came out of Poes Garden where she had stayed for 24 years. Jayalalithaa told party members not to have any contact with the lot.

Later, police started acting on complaints against the relatives of Sasikala.

Her husband M Natarajan and some close relatives were arrested on several charges.

(JPN/ Agencies)