New Delhi: Indians had mixed luck as Krishnan Sasikiran won his second successive game but national champion Parimarjan Negi fell short in the fourth round of the inaugural AAI Grandmasters Chess Championships here on Saturday.

For the second day running Sasi played out a marathon game before beating Hou Yifan to get back into the tournament.

But before that Negi lost to Viktor Laznicka.

In today's first game, leader Fabiano Caruana drew with Filipino Wesley So in 32 moves.

After four rounds, Caruana remained as the only unbeaten player.

He leads the six-player field with 3.5 points while Laznicka, who bounced back from his third-round loss to Sasi on Friday, has three points.

Sasikiran and Wesley So have two each, Negi 1.5 and Hou Yifan is yet to open her account, suffering her fourth successive defeat.

Sasikiran and Hou's were engaged in a Catalan Classical that lasted 62 moves.

Sasi looked like winning way ahead, but mistakes from either side prolonged the game, though the Indian benefitted from Hou's monumental blunder on 36th.

"At some point I think Rd 1 was a mistake, probably a big blunder, and she may have been better at that stage. But she allowed me to get away and on the 36th, she played Nc5, which was a big mistake from her. After I got g4 (43rd) move I think I was winning," said Sasi.

"That was a lease of life, because I came down from a very good position to a poor one with my mistake. Anyway it is good to get a second successive win. Now that brings me to 50 per cent at this stage," he added.

Laznicka-Negi battle was in the Queen's Gambit Declined Semi-Slav, where both players admitted to having made a few mistakes.

"My opponent surprised me in the opening and I had not prepared for this line, even though I have seen it. I spent a lot of time on. It was a sharp game and towards the end he (Negi) made some mistakes. Though I won, I did not get a very good feeling about the game," said Laznicka.

Playing against Caruana, Wesley So confessed to being still disappointed with his second-round loss to Laznicka.

In a Guico Piano battle, also called the Italian, leader Caruana drew in 32 moves against Wesley So. That helped him keep his nose ahead in the 10-round double round-robin game.

Friday night, Sasikiran, who had lost his first two games, played white in a Catalan Opening and held an advantage over Laznicka for most of the game.

The Czech player put up a spirited defense and hung in there for a long time, but once he opened his position he seemed to be creating weaknesses for himself.

Then into the third time control, Laznicka finally resigned and gave the Indian a well-deserved win.

"It is good to score a win finally. In the last game I thought I had a chance but allowed it to get away and lost.

Today I knew I had the edge and was able to get that full point," the ONGC officer had Sasi after his first win.