New Delhi: “The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact”, said by famous English poet and playwrighter William Shakespeare and this line is perfectly goes with Engineer Satish Saxena. Though he works as Assistant Engineer in a Government department, his heart lies on poetry. Man with emotional touch for society and family, Satish always try to pen down untouchable issues of our society.

Through his recent book ‘Mere Geet’ which he dedicated to his elder sister Urmila, he tries to draw the picture of his late mother with his heart whelming poetry ‘Teri yaad main’. It seems that Satish believes on adage “Charity begins at home’, he tries to portray the small but sensitive issues which usually crop up in every family and could destabilise it forever if remains unresolved for a long time.  He has also raised the emotional problems confronted by elderly people in the family who also need care and support of their offspring which has been reflected in the poem titled- ‘Papa Ko Bhi Pyar Chahiye’.

On asking his inclination towards poetry, he said “Though I am an engineer but by heart I am a true poet. I don’t need any specific topic to pen down poetry. I write for my own satisfaction”. “I try to expose problems of down trodden people through my writings,” he further adds.

Addressing the budding writers or poets he said “we should do justice to our writings. We should not hide our negative points.” “Our writing should not be ostentatious, it should come straightly from our heart”, he added.     

Farhat Jabeen

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