Female foeticide and strong bias for male child in most of the families are two big social menaces prevalent in our society. In the very first episode of his mega TV series Satyamev Jayate, noted film star Aamir Khan focused on the two major social evils.

In that episode, Aamir presented some of the real life stories which were based on grisliest incidences. The guests invited in the programme narrated their stories which left all the viewers with wet eyes. The episode highlighted how unethical medical practitioners are hand in glove with families in killing the female unborn baby.

The episode also dismissed the myth that female foeticide is practised mainly either in rural areas or in the small towns where the illiterate live in. In order to prove that the heinous crimes are committed by so-called elite class of our society, the show presented the case of Mitu Khurana, a doctor by profession. Khurana’s orthopedic surgeon husband and in-laws forced her to abort girl twins just after 20 weeks of conceiving.

Ultimately, she had to leave home to save her twin daughters from untimely death. Her mother-in-law, a retired vice-principal from a Rohtak school, kicked a baby basket with one of the babies down the stairs. Miraculously, the God saved the child.

"My mother-in-law was so much against my kids that she tried to kill them even after their birth," she said on the show. She also said that her husband and in-laws took every possible step to kill her daughters.

While Mitu left home for her daughters, Parveen Khan who belonged to a small town of Madhya Pradesh was brutally bitten by her husband on her face for having given birth to a girl child against his wishes.

The heart-wrenching story of these three women brought tears to the eyes of everyone along with the host Aamir Khan.
According to 2011 census, the rate at which the unborn female children were killed was- 10,00,000 girls a year.  There were 914 girls for every 1,000 boys, the 2011 census revealed.

The declining sex ratio has adverse impact on the society which was clear from the example of Khurukshetra in Haryana where marriageable men are unable to find suitable brides for them. Men are unable to find women to get married as there are no women left in that age bracket.
Declining sex ratio in the society has another ill-effect as it may promote human trafficking. In support of this Virendra Vidrohi, a social activist from Alwar, Rajasthan, said thousands of women from poor families in eastern states are being ‘sold’ in some places in Rajasthan.

Supporting the claim Virendra said, "In the last one year 15,000 women from Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have been brought and sold here to the families. This has led to human trafficking in Rajasthan.”

Highlighting the grace of divine Durga he said, "If we worship goddess, why kill unborn girls," he said.
In the show Aamir also invited two journalists who carried out a sting operation against doctors involved in sex determination in Rajasthan and how the case is still dragging in various courts in the state.

Aamir urged the audience to get rid of the social evil. He also said, “Girls are equally talented and capable of performing any work, they also have the right to lead their lives.


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