Mumbai: In the second episode of Satyamev Jayate, Aamir stunned the Indian audience by highlighting the pathetic plight of the children who face sexual abuses in the society. Though various NGOs and social organizations try to work upon this problem, the way Aamir put forth the horrifying situation of sexual abuse victims was really heart- wrenching. The sexual abuse of children is a horrible reality, and many are unaware of its extent. According to a survey conducted in 2007, as many as 53 percent of children, or one in every two children, were victims of child sexual abuse irrespective of girls and boys. Though for parents, home is the safest place for kids, shockingly many abusers are close family members or friends. This episode has put up a question, is their kids really safe at home?

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The show began with a request from Aamir that parents could send their kids to another room if they felt uncomfortable to watch the episode with them or the content was too adult for them. But he urged them to bring the kids back for a workshop on avoiding child sexual abuse at the end of the show.

A number of sexually abused victims dared to come up on the show and shared their tormented experience of childhood trauma. One such victim, Harish Iyer from Mumbai, who shared his experience of being raped for over a number of years by one his male relatives. He had to endure this suffering for 11 long years. He tried disclosing it to his mother but was shunned to stay silent as his mother thought what the world would say. But one day he accumulated all his courage and said ‘NO’ and that brave step of him was the last day of his sufferings. During the interview he said that Sridevi and her films was something which gave him the courage to fight the maltreatment. To Harish’s surprise, Aamir invited Sridevi to the sets of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ who handed over a token of appreciation to him.

The other victim of sexual abuse as a child was Cinderlla Prakash. Cindrella was physically tortured and abused by a 55 year old relative of her, at the age of 12. She could not divulge the truth to her parents out of fear. Though it is believed that girls are the main victim of sexual harassment, in a survey conducted few years back it was revealed that out of the 53.22 % sexually abused children, 53 % were boys. In maximum cases the abuser is someone close to the family.

Sexual abuse in early age doesn’t only ruin their childhood, it also affects the victims’ present life. There were more victims who spoke of their agony on AV and shared how their haunting past has affected their present lives.

Anuja Gupta of NGO RAHI (Recovering and Healing from Incest) highlights the reasons of children’s silence against such maltreatment. She stated that though parents tell their friends to share everything with them, they themselves don’t talk about such things with kids.

Aamir also mentioned about a bill on child sexual abuse that has been introduced in the Parliament but is yet to be implemented. He seeks the support of masses for the enforcement of law against the heinous crime. Besides, a law and encouraging children to say ‘No’ to sexual abuse, parents themselves need to be more cautious and sensitive to their children’s signals.


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