The Ministry stated that the airstrikes conducted as part of the "Operation Decisive Storm" military campaign had managed "to successfully remove threats to Saudi Arabia's security and that of neighbouring countries", media report said.

"The coalition will continue to prevent the movement of Houthi militias from moving or undertaking any operations inside Yemen," an official said.

A new campaign, named "Operation Restoring Hope", was announced after the military campaign launched on March 26 fulfilled its objectives.

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The new push will usher in diplomatic and political efforts along with the military operations, the official said, adding that the campaign ended following a request from the "legitimate" Yemeni government led by President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

"Operation Restoring Hope", which will begin on Wednesday, aims to protect civilians and continue fighting terrorism in Yemen, according to a Saudi Defence Ministry statement.

It did not, however, signal a ceasefire, the official said.

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The Saudi-led airstrikes and ground battles have killed about 700 people and wounded 3,000 over the course of nearly a month, according to the Yemeni Health and Interior Ministries.

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