In a joint Eid-al Fitr message with Crown Prince Salman, King Abdullah, who is also the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques said, "Terrorism threatens global peace and stability.” He also called for joint international efforts to fight terrorism without any leniency towards militants and their sponsors.

"We should understand that terrorism will not disappear within a limited period. So we have to be prepared for a long fight with terrorism. Whenever we try to tighten the noose it could become increasingly aggressive and violent. But we have strong faith in God that it would be defeated," the message said.

While the Saudi King along with Prince Salman cautioned the Ummah (nation or community) against the danger, distorted ideologies pose, King Abdullah stressed on the importance of activating the international counterterrorism centre, which he proposed during an anti-terror conference in Riyadh on Feb 5, 2005.

Saudi Arabia had previously donated USD 10 million for the counterterrorism centre. Meanwhile, Muslims in Saudi Arabia, including expatriates, celebrated Eid-al Fitr on Thursday, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramzan.

On this occasion, King Abdullah and Prince Salman decried the painful condition of the Muslim world as a result of civil wars and stand-offs, resulting in the killing of innocent people and terror among citizens. Their message cautioned against the political motives of terrorist ideologies, distorting the meaning of religious texts to suit their vested interests, adding that such terrorists are tarnishing the image of Islam and its values and principles.

"They try to cause chaos and confusion in the earth," the joint message said citing a verse from Holy Quran.


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