Islamabad: A Saudi Arabian military officer was assaulted by Pakistani security personnel after an altercation at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

Personnel of the Airport Security Force assaulted the Saudi officer after a heated exchange.

TV news channels reported that problems began when Saudi official Shakeri Saeed Al-Shehri refused to pass through a walk-through gate.

The ASF personnel sent him back and the Saudi national reportedly pushed an ASF official.

Several ASF personnel then assaulted the Saudi national. Footage on television showed the Saudi man in a wheelchair before he was put into an ambulance and taken to a nearby hospital.

His short was torn and stained with blood, and he was bleeding from a cut near his eye.

Talking to the media, he said he had made no attempt to avoid being searched.

The Saudi official was set to fly Riyadh when the incident happened.

Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Ibrahim al-Ghadeer visited the injured man in hospital.

ASF officials told the media that the man was not an official of the Saudi embassy and that he was in Pakistan to attend a military course.

However, officials of the Saudi airline said the man was a staffer of the Saudi embassy.

Defence Secretary Nargis Sethi summoned the chief of the ASF and directed him to submit a report on the incident by on Saturday.


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