Dubai: Saudi women have found a new way to voice their opinions. They have launched a website to campaign for the participation of women in municipal elections.

According to a report the initiative, called 'Baladi', has so far attracted over 2,000 members and the campaign is independently run by women with support from different parts of the Kingdom.

The campaign cites the important roles higher authorities are assigning women and also the achievements of Saudi women over the years.

According to organisers, women have already taken up leading positions and thus should be able to participate in municipal elections.

Women have now surpassed the traditional roles that they play, are able to lead in society and their achievements need to be protected, says the campaign. It said that women should have the same rights that men enjoy based on international conventions that the Kingdom has signed.

These rights include participation in the municipal elections, as it would improve women's involvement in the decision-making process and combat the negative stereotypes about Saudi women being inactive and marginalised, the campaign says.