United Nations: Saudi Arabia has asked UN chief Ban Ki-moon to bring before the Security Council the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate its ambassador to the United States.

Saudi Arabia's UN Ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi has "formally requested" in a letter to Ban that those involved in "this outrageous attempt should be brought to justice."

The Kingdom's Permanent Mission to the UN asked Ban "to bring to the attention of the Security Council the matter of the heinous plot" to assassinate Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, the mission said here.

"The Mission reiterates that the attempted plot is a violation of international laws, United Nations resolutions, and all conventions and norms of humanity."

Al-Mouallimi did not specifically mention the kind of action his government wants the Security Council to take.

He said the assassination plot is "a gross violation" of international treaties including those in place to protect diplomats.

"According to United States authorities, overwhelming evidence leads to the conclusion that this plot was planned, financed, and directed by elements working for or belonging to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

The US had last week charged two Iranian men for conspiring in a plot to kill al-Jubeir.

Ban, currently in Geneva, told reporters that he has received "correspondences" from the US, Iran as well as the Saudi government.

He said he has conveyed the correspondences to the Security Council for its consideration.

On whether sanctions are in the offing against Iran in the wake of the assassination plot, Moon said he would not be able to comment on it yet.

"I will have to see what the discussions will be at the Security Council," he said.

Meanwhile, State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said in Washington that President Barack Obama as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have "made a series of calls" to key allies and partners to talk about the issue.

"We are still in that stage where we are having these discussions. I think the President and others have said it is really important that we hold Iran accountable and we are going to continue as we move forward to discuss ways to do that," Toner said.

In his letter sent to Ban last week, Iran's permanent representative to the UN Mohammad Khazaee expressed his country's "outrage" over the US allegations that its government plotted to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador, saying the US' claims are "politically-motivated" and an "evil plot" given Washington's animosity with Tehran.