Pressure of deadlines, sitting on chair for hours, controlling urination during long meetings, irregular diet and junk food- are the kind of lifestyle of the present generation and their health is paying the price for it. This kind of a hectic lifestyle not only causes diabetes and heart diseases among the youths but also increases the risk of kidney stone. There are two main reasons for kidney stone- less water consumption and controlling urination.

What is kidney stone?

Urologist Dr Anshuman Agarwal of Fortis Hospital said, “The salt and minerals which are present in urine, together, form stone. It can be as small as dust particles or as big as a golf ball. All these elements get discharged from the body during urination. Kidney stone has become a common problem these days. Every year approximately three million people visit hospital for this kind of problem and out of this one-fourth gets admitted in emergency conditions. Males are more prone to develop kidney stone.”

President of Delhi based Heart Care Foundations, Dr K K Agarwal said, “Kidney is directly connected to our heart. A healthy kidney ensures a healthy heart. One should undergo kidney examination at least once a year. The ultra-sound done during pregnancy also helps in detecting kidney related problems.”

Reasons for formation of stone in kidney

Even after digestion of food some elements like calcium phosphate remain in an undigested form and get accumulated in our kidney. Small particles are removed through urine but few of the particles which fail to get discharged, stick to each other and, take the form of pebbles. These pebbles pass into the urinary tract and block the passage resulting in urinary problem which is painful. If the treatment is delayed, many-a- time blood is discharged with urine.

Main reasons

Dr Deepika Nitesh Sharma explains the reasons for the formation of kidney stone in the following manner

-    Less consumption of water and controlling urination for a long time.

-    Irregular time-table and diet

-    UTI infection can also be a reason

-    This can be hereditary as well

-    Lack of adequate formation of calcium carbonate


Dr R M Gupta of Yoga and Nature Care centre said, “The work of kidney in our body is to remove the unnecessary particles present in blood through urine. In naturopathy we try to dissolve kidney stone with the help of steam-bath, hydropathy and mud bath.”

Dr Dipika said, “If the stone is small and detected at an early stage then it can be flushed out through urine by drinking lots of water. This can be cured through Homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatment. But these options can be resorted to only if the size of the stone is small. Once the size increases, surgery is the only option.

What to avoid

If you have stone in your kidney, avoid milk or milk-made products. Decrease the intake of pickles, meat, fish, chicken, junk food. Eat green vegetables only after washing them properly.

Kidney stone problems in children

Now-a-days even small children are developing the problem of kidney stone. However this is not a common problem. Dr Anshuman Agarwal handled a peculiar case where the opening of the kidney of a four-month-old baby was blocked.

There are a few reasons for the formation of kidney stone in children like intake of excessive salt, antibiotics and obesity.

Irregular diet is the root cause of this problem in children. This disease can be hereditary also in children. Deficiency of protein and vitamin is another reason for this.

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, make your child drink at least 6-7 glasses of water per day to prevent kidney stone. If they are already suffering from this problem then do not give them salty products. Give them food rich in calcium as calcium mixes with oxalate that forms the stone and prevents the formation of stone in kidney. Do not give junk food to your child and save him or her from obesity.

Courtesy: Sakhi

(Indira Rathod)