New Delhi: Concerned over the Moody's downgraded credit rating of State Bank of India, the Finance Ministry has asked all the banks of Public Sector Units (PSU) to provide their immediate capital requirement details so that Centre could provide fund to maintain the statutory liquidity ratio.

The Finance Ministry will take decision in this regard after getting the details from the PSU banks and may seek help from World Bank or international agencies to meet their urgent capital requirement.

In its reaction over the issue of SBI downgrading after the Moody's credit rating, the Finance Ministry thoroughly rejected the idea that the rating could bring a tag of weak sector to the Indian PSU banks.

According to a senior official of Finance Ministry, the Tier-I capital ratio of all other banks excluding SBI is more than 8.5. This ratio should be more than 8 percent, as per the RBI monetary policy.

Notably, to keep the statutory liquidity ratio of PSU banks, SBI would have to manage Rs 6000-8000 crore fund.