Gwalior: In the wake of the strong criticism of the quality of Mid-Day Meal (MDM) served in government schools all across the country, the Supreme Court has appointed a judicial team to check the standard of food supplied in primary and secondary schools of several districts.

The team will soon visit Sheopur the tribal district of Madhya Pradesh to examine the quality, nutritional content, regularity and the hygienic condition under which food is being served.

Sheopur is one of the regions where majority of kids suffer from malnutrition. Every year children die due to malnourishment in this tribal district. From last many years MDM is being provided free of cost to all school children. Apparently, there is no visible change in the health condition of the children in the district.

It is due to this reason the Apex Court has formed a judicial team to inspect the quality of food served in several districts of the state under MDM scheme.

There are 866 primary and 262 secondary schools in Sheopur district which has more than 3,00,000 students under it. The team will inspect these government schools to check the regularity and the quality of the food cooked for MDM.

The main thrust of the inspecting team will be to check nutritional content of the food served in schools. Besides, the team will also inspect the hygienic condition of the kitchens where MDM is being cooked.

It is worth mentioning that recently, as many as 44 students of government school in West Delhi were hospitalised after they reportedly consumed mid-day meal in which lizard had fallen.