New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday castigated the Andhra Pradesh government for failing to rein in the Telanagana agitators, indulging in "sheer goondaism and vandalism" in the High Court premises during their September 2010 stir for the separate state.

A bench of justices G S Singhvi and S J Mukhopadhyaya directed the state's police chief and home secretary to file affidavits detailing the preventive measures and subsequent actions taken to curb violence in the high court premises.

The bench also asked the Indian Railways to file its reply, detailing the loss suffered by it during the stir.

The bench gave the orders while hearing advocate P V Krishnaiah's plea for actions against the perpetrators of the violence and compensation for those killed and wounded in the ongoing two-year-old stir for the separate state.

The petitioner had contended that normal activities in the state, including those in courts were paralysed during the stir with the agitationists hurling missiles at judges in court rooms and prevented them from functioning.

"What are you doing? You are supporting vandalism. What have you been doing all these times? You should have physically prevented them. It is sheer goondaism in the high court. This seems to be something extra-ordinary.

"What is this? You (advocates) would have even killed that judge. The state is watching like a silent spectator," the bench told counsel Nageshwar Reddy, who appeared for AP.