The political parties especially ruling establishment should pay heed to the Supreme Court’s comment that a concrete action needs to be taken against the act of halting road and rail traffic during agitation and police should work independently. The Apex Court made this point while delivering its verdict in the case of Mirchpur incident, but this is applicable for all state governments and Centre. When people of Jat community were arrested in connection with Dalit killing in Mirchpur, public property was sabotaged and rail and road traffic were paralysed. This sort of incident keeps happening across the country. It was observed that agitation on the issue of reservation had disrupted rail traffic in Haryana and Punjab and the state governments were at a loss to deal with the situation till the intervention of the Supreme Court came in effect. Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government witnessed the same chaos on the rail traffic owing to Telangana issue. The most shameful and worrying example is Manipur blocking which continued for 92-long days. However, the Central government was familiar with sufferings of Manipuri due to complete blockade, yet it came into force after three months. The Centre showed the same slackness while dealing with Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan.

If the Centre and state governments take tough stand, no political or non-political outfit can afford to disrupt rail-road traffic, generally the ruling dispensation tries to seek political mileage in either taking bold action against agitators or having soft posture towards protestors. In this context, the Supreme Court has precisely noted that until police are allowed to work independently, such situation will keep cropping up. Unquestionably, the independent working of the cops does not amount to highhandedness against the agitators. It is required to make such an ambience that no one would resort to disrupting rail-road traffic and dismantling public properties in the name of holding protest and launching agitation. The profound irony is that many a times such work is executed by a political party itself. Hence message goes around that until rail-road traffic is disrupted, the government will not pay heed to the issue seriously. Truly speaking, people have all right to raise protest against the ruling establishment in a democracy, but this does allow anyone to hold society under hostage.