New Delhi: Reprimanding the impudent tenants, the Supreme Court has ruled that insolent tenants can be forcibly evicted by the police if they fail to vacate the premises within the deadline decided by the Apex Court.

A bench of Justices Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra passed the order while hearing an interlocutory application moved by a tenant Ram Prakash Sharma. The Apex Court has extended the time to vacate the premises till August 31, 2011. “And if the tenants do not vacate on or before the said date, they will be evicted by police force,” the bench said in its order.

The bench further said, “We further make it clear that when this Court allows the appeal of the landlord or dismisses the petition of the tenant and grants some time to vacate the premises in question and if the tenant does not vacate within the time granted, the tenant shall be evicted by the police force.”

The Apex Court cleared that the tenants will have to file an appeal in the court much in advance before the deadline comes to an end if they seek any extension in time for vacating the rented premises.

The bench said, “This is a general direction we are passing because we are coming across several cases where the tenants are not vacating the premises in question despite granting time by this Court or despite furnishing an undertaking to this Court with a result that the landlord has to initiate contempt proceedings or any other proceedings."