New Delhi: A two-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Friday gave a split verdict on whether the Centre's plea seeking recall of its order on setting up a special investigation team to probe blackmoney cases should be entertained or not.

While Justice Altamas Kabir ordered the Centre's plea was maintainable, Justice S S Nijjar said the plea to recall the July 4 decision was "misconceived" as it fails to indicate
that there was "miscarriage" of justice.
With the two judges giving conflicting ordres the, matter has been referred to the Chief Justice S H Kapadia for appointing a third judge to decide the vexed issue.
Justice Nijjar said in fact "the present application would be an abuse of the process of the court as it seeks to camouflage an application for 'review' of the July 4 decision.
Justice Nijjar, along with Justice B Sudershan Reddy, (since retired) had delivered the verdict for the probe by the SIT into the stashing of black money in banks abroad.
Justice Kabir said the apex court, being vested with inherent powers and being a guardian of the Constitution, can entertain the government's plea against the order for
constituting the SIT.