New Delhi: Terming the Supreme Court order in 2G case as ‘historic’, lawyer Prashant Bhushan on Thursday said it will send a strong signal to the corporates and corrupt public officials who reap benefits from illegal acts.

"It is a historic judgement...this judgement will send a strong signal to the entire country and in particular the corporate world that this country is no longer willing to allow these corrupt corporates and the corrupt public officials to retain the benefits of illegal and corrupt acts," he told reporters outside Supreme Court after the judgement.

Bhushan, who was one of the petitioners in the 2G case, said the judgement will also help change the nature the way corruption is dealt with.

He also said the judgement will help the public exchequer to recover losses caused to the grant of 2G licences by then Telecom minister A Raja in January 2008 and thereafter.

He said the corporates will have to "refund the benefits" they got out of the illegal licences.

CPI welcomes SC order on 2G

As the Supreme Court cancelled the 2G licences allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis, CPI chose to attack P Chidambaram saying that he cannot absolve himself as it was his job to prevent irregularities in the issue.

Describing the Supreme Court orders on 2G spectrum as a "fine judgement", CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan said, "It was his job as the (then) Finance Minister to prevent irregularities. He has no right to look away. There is criminal culpability."

He was reacting to the Supreme Court cancelling allocation of 2G spectrum and directing a trial court to decide on investigating Chidambaram's role in the case.

He said the judgement was an indictment of the first-come, first-serve    policy. "I don't think the then NDA government can escape responsibility," he said.