After the Supreme Court upheld the constitutional validity of Right to Education Act wherein 25 percent seats would be reserved for the children of poor families in government and private schools, everyone should come together to make the plan of educating all successful. Until a solemn move is taken in this regard, providing education to the children of backward classes and bringing them into the mainstream could not be realized. It is disappointing that despite the pledge taken by our law makers during the time of framing the constitution, the decision of providing free education to children aged 6-14 has come too late. Ironically, the RTE act which is meant for building the nation and should have been supported by all was challenged in the court. It is not a good sign that many private schools describe the decision as a burden on themselves and that too when the government is ready to bear all the expenses.

To make this act a success, equal support is required from private schools as well as the state governments. It is disheartening to know that not many states have shown eagerness to adopt the RTE. It can be gauged from the fact that the act is in force for the last two years but there are many states that are yet to issue notification in this regard. This only proves that they are not serious towards fulfilling their social responsibilities. The government has promised all kinds of financial help to ensure its success but the state governments have done little to improve the condition of the schools. According to sources, the quality of education and facilities provided in government schools is on a downhill run. In villages, the families who are not economically sound though, they prefer sending their children to private schools. The SC verdict on RTE is historical but seeing the lackluster attitude of the state governments in its implementation raises doubts that it may be left to the discretion of the private schools. If this happens then to successfully implement the act and bring about a change in the lives of the backward community will become a herculean task.