"Gauhati High Court has given a very delicate and serious decision on the validity of the formation of CBI. A serious constitutional crisis has risen.... We expect that the Supreme Court of India should give an early decision on the validity of CBI," he told a meet the press programme here.

Ramdev, who is a supporter of Narendra Modi, dismissed comparisons between the BJP prime ministerial candidate and Hitler made by Modi's rivals.

"I have known relations with Modi for two decades.... He is not a dictator. I am 100 per cent confident, he cannot be a dictator," he said.

Asked whether he saw any Congress leader fit to be the PM, he said, "Pranab Mukherjee, who is the best President till now, could be the best leader...."

On BJP patriarch LK Advani, Ramdev said, "He is now getting older...though Advani himself approved Modi's name as PM candidate". He evaded queries on whether he would campaign for Vasundhara Raje as CM candidate in Rajasthan.

In the backdrop of the controversy involving Asaram Bapu who has been jailed on rape charges, Ramdev said there should a code a conduct for spiritual leaders and seers and those playing with the faith of the people deserve stringent punishment.

"Both politics and religion have witnessed great moral degradation.... It needs to be improved by all means. There should be a model code of conduct for sants, babas, and other such spiritual leaders," he said replying to queries on the issue.

He said religious preachers and seers who indulge in wrongdoings, "should be given more stringent punishment than the common convicts. Such sants or babas should be rejected by society".


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