New Delhi: Directing a stay order on the high court’s order regarding the disability quota for daily wage workers hired on contract basis, the Supreme Court has given a relief to the Himachal Pradesh government. The Himachal Pradesh High Court on October 28, 2010 ordered the state government to ensure that their contractors have 3 per cent job quota for disabled persons. The Himachal Pradesh government filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the high court’s order.

While hearing the state government’s petition a bench comprising Justices DK Jain and Anil Dave imposed a stay order on the high court’s order. Earlier, appearing for the state government, advocate Mohan Lal Sharma had appealed that the order of applying disability quota in the recruitment of temporary workers cannot be directed.

Sharma said, “The quota could be applied to the recruitments for the permanent posts. Some of the contractors are recruited for only six months period or a year.  People do not even apply for the disability quota for a temporary job, instead they apply quota for a permanent job. The court directed the order without understanding this.”