The encroachments and illegal constructions spread out tentacles from urban to village areas. The Supreme Court has recently issued orders for demolishing encroachments and illegal constructions on common village lands. The village council’s land has been earmarked for public uses. The state governments are not alien with it, but they failed to initiate any action in this connection. Now it is pertinent that whether the state government swings into action following the directives of the apex court. Albeit there is a faint chance of any initiations on the court’s direction, there is a need of keeping vigil on the government’s swiftness in this regard. The apex court has observed that common village lands were doled out among high-end private persons and commercial enterprises on payment of some money, with the government’s nod. This practice is done under the nose of bureaucrats and influensive leaders. They grab lands of village council or distributed among their kith and kin, which facilitate land mafioso to thrive. Though the land grabbing has been a low-key in backwaters of the country, the problems have taken enormity in the urban areas. As almost all towns are nearby villages, the cost of common village land in the urban areas is exponentially high. The profound irony is that the encroachments on such costly land have either become regular or getting professionally used. The common village land close to township are hardly used for community purpose.

Some state governments made such rules and regulations with the help of which the common village lands can be easily grabbed to use them discretionarily. The problem is not restricted with encroaching common village land only, rather pond and public places are being illegally captured for personal usage. Recently, a villager in Patiala district encroached the land nearby a pond, which was later announced illegal by the Supreme Court, however the villager was reluctant to vacate the land. This is the reason that neither pond nor the gardens are seen in villages. Asking all state governments to submit a report by May 3, the next date of hearing, the bench directed the states to prepare schemes for removing of all illegal and unauthorised occupants of Gram Sabha/Gram Panchayat land and for its restoration. It is no less than the ordeal for the ruling party to eradicate the encroachments on the common land of village. Time will speak if the ruling dispensation of states shows its zeal to cross the ordeal.