Lucknow: Attacking the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) for amassing Rs 2, 54, 000 crore through corruption, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unveiled a report in front of media persons here on Thursday. The report named ‘FIR’ contains a list of corrupt activities undertaken by the BSP.

Addressing a group of media persons, BJP national general secretary Kirit Somaiya alleged that the Mayawati government during its four years of rule has made corruption so rampant in the state that it has become a way of life for them.

He added, “The First Information Report released contains a list of BSP’s 100 scams which gives just a small glimpse of the lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh. By disclosing all these scams BJP wants the people to know that we are with them in their struggle against corruption.”

The FIR mentions rampant corruption going on in several projects undertaken by the Mayawati government. Forceful acquisition of land, giving land to known corporates in Noida, selling sugar mills’ land in lesser rates, suspicious assigning of energy projects, distribution franchising scam of Agra are a few activities which find place in the FIR list.

Making full use of the occasion, Kirit, launched a scathing attack on Congress and its UPA government as well. “There is a race between UP government and the Central government to excel in corruption and loot. The political leaders of ruling parties have their commissions fixed in all the projects undertaken by the government. They are using various government schemes like an ATM machine to draw money at the cost of public income,” he said.

Adding that the FIR is just a beginning to unveil the real face of BSP, Kirit said, “We are preparing an elaborate chargesheet on the basis of the First Information Report. The same will be submitted to the President on June 12.”

Emphasising the importance of June 12 for submitting the BSP corruption chargesheet, he said that it was on this very day that the Allahabad High Court confirmed the corruption allegations against the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.