London, (Agencies): Paromita Verma, the estranged wife of recalled Indian diplomat Anil Verma, in a statement contained in her complaint to the Family Division of the Royal Courts of Justice here, has stated that her husband hit her more than once and she was ‘extremely fearful’of her fate if she was forced to return to India.

Paromita said: "I am extremely fearful of what might happen to me and my son if we are forced to return to India."

She claimed that Verma had also used physical force against her in Delhi in October 2008 before coming to London and again in October and November 2009 in London.

But, according to the Scotland Yard which investigated the assault case, "she suffered a minor facial injury."

Paromita claimed that her father-in-law had also assaulted her during her visit to her in-laws' place in Varanasi and even had summoned 200 locals, who tried to stone her to death.

Paromita, who wants to stay here for an indefinite period, has secured an ex-parte "non-molestation" order against Verma restraining him from coming near their son. The next hearing is expected in a couple of weeks.

This was objected to by Verma and led to an altercation. Verma left London on January 21 on orders from the Government of India.

The British Foreign Office has notified Paromita and other dependants of Verma -- his mother-in-law, a step-son and a housekeeper -- that they are required to leave by February 22.