New Delhi: The craze for studying Astrology has increased, due to which the numbers of students who pursue it in MA Sanskrit, Delhi University, have swelled. But the nub of the problem is that classes for Astrology are not being held as no professor is ready to teach a girl from Scheduled Caste who is eager to pursue this subject.

After the girl was discouraged from taking up the optional subject as Astrology, she took her complaint to the Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University. But after her problem remained unsolved, she had to knock at the doors of National Commission for Scheduled Castes.

The commission has sought an explanation from the University.

Sarita, a student of previous session of MA Sanskrit, said the third semester started from July 21 and every student had to study one subject from nine optional subjects.

“I opted for Astrology and the department told me since I was the only student to opt for this subject, arrangements for a teacher won’t be possible,” she said.

However, Sarita said that last year Astrology was taught to one student as he was a Brahmin.

“Five students had opted for Astrology which reduced to three after professors asked them to drop out,” she added.

“I was called by Head of Department of Sanskrit, Dr Mithlesh Kumar Chaturvedi, in his office. He came out and openly said the Astrology subject was not meant for people who belonged to Scheduled Caste,” she mentioned.

“I e-mailed my complaint to Vice Chancellor Prof Dinesh Singh who could not solve my problem,” she added.

Supreme Court in its order in 2004 had stated that Astrology can be studied by any student belonging to any caste.