Bhopal: In a clear indictment of the functioning of the state government which claims to convert Bhopal into Paris, young school children took to streets on Monday to protest against the poor condition of city roads.

To mark their protest, students stood in front of the potholes and made a human chain along the city roads.

Staging their demonstration at Gautam Nagar, PGBT College road, Safia College Road, Kazi Camp, Chhola and Bus stand road, the students carried posters with one liners like ' Yeh Janta se dhokha hai, kya Paris aisa hota hai' ( Public has been betrayed,  Is Paris like this?).

The poor condition of the roads can be gauged from the fact that the national highway has been closed while commuting on the city roads has been a nightmarish task for locals.

Especially, the situation in old parts of the cities is extremely grim.