Sant Kabir Nagar (Uttar Pradesh): Even though the government authorities make tall claims of development works in the state, several villages situated on the bank of ‘Buddhi Rapti’ in the district lack in the basic transportation, medical and education facilities.

Lack of a bridge over the river has forced the school children of Kasaya, Jakhiniya, Musahara and Khatha to risk their life and cross the river on makeshift bamboo bridge to attend schools.

No effective measures have been taken from the end of administration to meet the problems being faced by these villagers.

The District Magistrate, however, said, “The authorities do not have any information regarding the transportation issues in these villages... nor do we have received any complaint from the villagers. Actions will be taken if any complaint is received in future.”

Parents with a heavy heart send their children to schools after crossing the river through weak bamboo bridges which they have erected themselves.

Moreover, the condition worsens during the rainy season when the water level in the river rises. Children either escape their schools or are compelled to commute by boats.