Aligarh: The school health programme in Uttar Pradesh is crying for immediate attention. With the state health department failing to stick to its outlined work, the programme has received a setback and even the health report of the school children in the state is missing.  

Under the National Rural Health Mission, the Uttar Pradesh government started the school health programme in order to provide health check up to nearly three lakh school children. The mission also aims to spread health awareness among them.

To ensure effective implementation of the programme, block level training was imparted to schoolteachers. A team from Department of Health was assigned the job to visit schools to test childrens’ health and keep a record of it in a health register log. 

Moreover, the team was asked to distribute medicines for intestinal worms, folic acid and iron tablets.

True picture of the programme

Under this health programme 40 teachers from each block were given two days of long training on children health.

According to the facts presented by Department of Education in 2010-2011, though the health team was assigned to visit schools to spread awareness among children on hygiene, malnutrition, tidiness and food habits, education department did not receive any single report on health check up by the team. Even there was no information marked in the register relating to children's health test.

Khailendra Singh Rana, the district coordinator of mid-day meal programme said “We have not received any report on children’s health check up from Health Department. We raised this issue in the meeting of MDM task force.”

Deputy CMO Dr SP Singh said, “Last year we had 60 schools under this programme and this year we have marked 60 more schools.”

He also added that despite limited resources they have been trying their best to make the programme successful.