New Delhi: With the increasing popularity of Journalism and mass media courses, it is not only the universities and colleges which have introduced the curriculum in their syllabi, schools are also following the similar path.
Experts believe that introducing journalism and media courses in the school curriculum will churn out better media professionals. Therefore, the CBSE has decided to add ‘mass-media’ as an optional subject for class 11th students. This project was introduced in 2009 while syllabus and books for the courses were finalized in 2010. The board introduced mass media as a pilot project in selected schools in 2011.

CBSE’s chairman Vineet Joshi said, “NCERT has prepared a syllabus for the subject. The pilot project launched in 2011 received a good response therefore, it was decided to introduce ‘mass-media’ as a subject from the new academic session of class 11th beginning in July in all the schools.”

During the pilot project, all the schools were asked to give a response in writing about the availability of resources with the school administrations like  computer library, books library, teaching staff, resources required for training for print and electronic media. All the schools filed a written response with the board.

Mount Abu School’s principal Jyoti Arora said, “Mass- media was added as a subject under the pilot project in which 10 schools of the capital showed good interest. Now the CBSE is going to introduce the subject in all the schools. The syllabus and curriculum has been prepared by the NCERT and the book has been named as ‘Mass-media studies.”