Melbourne: Australian researchers are claiming to have made a significant breakthrough which will help men with HIV to have children through artificial insemination, without infecting their partners and babies.

Doctors of Royal Womens' Hospital in Victoria have developed a programme where men with HIV have the virus eliminated from sperm samples before insemination.
According to a report, the researcher Michelle Giles said the programme is about helping couples get pregnant safely.

"Many of these couples want to be the biological parent of a child and have a family," she said adding, "So because of this we want to be able to offer them a treatment that is as safe as possible.

"Giles said it is the first programme of its kind in Australia.

"We process the male's semen, so we minimize the chance of there being HIV in that semen, and then use it to try and get the woman pregnant," she said.
"By doing that, we're trying to prevent her getting HIV at all, and if we can prevent her being infected with HIV, then we can prevent the future child from being infected with HIV."