For the first time scientists have sent a ‘mental message’ from one person to another 4,000 miles away in what they claim is the world’s first successful telepathy experiment. They connected one person in Mumbai, India, to a wireless headset linked to the internet, and another person to a similar device in Paris.

According to a report in journal PLOS One, when the first person merely thought of a greeting such as ‘ciao’ (Italian word of hello), the recipient in France was aware of the thought occurring. Although the subject receiving the message could not comprehend the word itself, but could report flashes of light in their brain that corresponded to the exact moment when the word ‘ciao’ was being thought.

Experts from Harvard University carried out the experiment and claimed that it shows technology can be used to transmit information from one person’s brain to another, even if they are thousands of miles away.

One person wearing a wireless, internet-linked electroencephalogram or EEG would think a simple greeting, like "hola," or "ciao." A computer translated the words into digital binary code, presented by a series of 1s or 0s. Then, this message was e-mailed from India to France, and delivered via robot to the receiver, who through non-invasive brain stimulation could see flashes of light in their peripheral vision. The subjects receiving the message did not hear or see the words themselves, but were correctly able to report the flashes of light that corresponded to the message. Extra care was taken to make sure no sensory information got in the way that could have influenced the interpretation of the message. The concept is being developed to help create prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by the mind.


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