Researcher Chen Hongsheng from Zhejiang University and colleagues from Singapore's Nanyang Technological University made a goldfish and a cat disappear with the new light-bending cloak.

Chen said the cloak can hide objects and organisms which can move along with the device without affecting their invisibility.
The cloak was developed using thin panels of glass that make objects invisible by bending light around them.

Quoting a report by a news agency, the website said the cloak can only make objects invisible in a narrow spectrum of light. Singaporean researchers have attempted to simplify the technology, the report said.
Researchers found human eyes are not sensitive to light's phase and minute delay, and chose to use glass to make the device because it is transparent, has a smooth surface, and can be obtained easily.
They used a hexagonal device, which is most effective when light is shone directly at six angles, while the polygonal device can only make objects invisible at two angles.

However, the technology is still rudimentary as it is most effective when the light comes from a single angle.


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