In recent years, the scientists have been looking for a way to bend the paths of sound waves in order to meet the more stringent demands of super high-resolution imaging and other applications.

The scientists created an acoustic ‘bottle’ that features a three-dimensional curved shell, in which a wall of high acoustic pressure surrounds a null pressure region in the middle.

Sounds waves travel on a straight path until they hit an object.
Sound waves forming the bottle are concentrated into a beam that travels through the high pressure wall of its curved shell.

"We need to find ways to bend acoustic wave fields without depending on the use of a highly engineered medium," said Xiang Zhang, Director of Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division.

"With our bottle beam technique, we can design and synthesize acoustic bottles that are capable of directing sound waves along paths of desired curvature through homogeneous space without the need of metamaterials or any other highly engineered medium," he added.