Here's a look of scintillating Christmas celebrations in various countries from England to Australia and Sweden to China.

Christmas celebrations in Australia

Australians come out of their homes to participate in the most popular event carols by candlelights while basking in moonlight.

Christmas in England

Families in England follow ancient rituals of baking cookies, planning get together to savour special meal and hanging stockings over the fireplace. Children also write letter to their lovely Santa before going to bed.

Christmas in Sweden

In Sweden, people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in unique style. The eldest daughter dresses like a 'Queen of light' in a exquisite long white gown and crown of leaves. She serves the best cuisines to each member of the family.

Christmas in China

In china, Christianity is not the religion of majority of people. Traditional Christmas tree decorations are admired, people also lighten their houses during night with paper lanterns and sing carols and call Christmas Sheng Dan Jieh, which means Holy Birth Festival.

Christmas in India

Like China, Christianity is not the religion of majority of people who follow the traditional rituals like decorating Christmas tree, singing Carols in Church and the children put their socks on the windowsill so that Santa Claus fills the socks with goodies.

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