There is no need to fret over the medal tally in the ongoing 34th National Games in Jharkhand. There is a provision in the Games that the player of one state can be used by another state on contract. Although the practice is not healthy for the state which uses another player, it does point to India being a federation where all states can gain from each other. The infrastructure put in place by Jharkhand for these Games has not come under any doubt and that is an indication that the sons of this soil will reap its benefits in the events of future. Revisit what happened in the 31st National Games in Manipur which was quite like Jharkhand where basic infrastructure was concerned. Due to a lack of facilities, Manipuri players were not able to showcase their talent. That happened only in the 32nd Games as Manipuris now had fields and facilities from the 31st Games to hone their skills.

Jharkhand is the land of nature loving tribal people. Even before India gained independence, Jaipal Singh had made the state known in the whole world in hockey. Now MS Dhoni and Surabh Tiwari in cricket, Deepika in archery, Manohar Topno and Silvanus Dung Dung in hockey etc. are continuing the legacy of Singh. Dhoni has gone on to become the face of Jharkhand in many aspects. These men and women have come into their own without any pre-existing facilities. Now that there is international level infrastructure in the state and government is making provision for budgetary allocation for development of sports, the coming days are sure to be exciting. Now that there are facilities being augmented from block to zila level, positive outcomes will surely follow. Even in the developed world, trend is to provide facilities rather than cash or food to players.