Hearing the plea of Punjab terrorist Devender Pal Singh Bhullar who is seeking commutation of his death sentence, which was awarded for triggering bomb blast in 1993, the Supreme Court has made valid remarks that the death of people and police personnel in terror attacks should also come into the spotlight of the human rights. The prolonged incarceration in the wake of delay by the government in deciding the mercy petition should be a matter of consideration, but there is no sense in making it a ground of human rights violation of a terrorist. It is saddening that scores of organizations and some political parties too voice their concerns for violation of human rights of terrorists but they look indifferent to agony and distress of those families which lost their beloved ones in terror attacks. The political parties throw their weight behind such perpetrators in order to consolidate their vote bank. Such sort of petty politics thins down the gravity of Judicial system, ridicule with the bereft families and spur the perpetrators to go with their whims and fancies. Whatever the final verdict of the Apex Court regarding the death penalty of Devender Pal Singh Bhullar may be, the Court’s comment in connection with the death of security personnel in terror attack on the Parliament drives home the point, how the Central establishment deliberately ignores justice owing to the vote bank politics.

The Supreme Court’s remark over the delay in taking decision on mercy petition and disposing of cases, vividly indicates that the crunch of court staff has become stumbling block for delivery of justice on time. The significant point is there should not be any politics over execution of punishment to terrorists. There are many cases in which the execution of penalty awarded to terrorists by the court is deliberately being delayed that rubs salt on the wounds of victims’ families and gives message—despite serious crimes one cannot get punishment in India. The Central government is held responsible for setting the atmospherics where the interests of perpetrators have taken precedence over sufferings of the families which lost their members and breadwinners in terror attacks. This trend should be discouraged immediately otherwise the nation will have to pay dearly.