NASA spacecraft had a few years ago stumbled upon liquid sea on the surface of Titan. But it was found to be filled with dens hydrocarbons like methane. Despite the setback, scientists kept working towards their finding. They now claim to discover liquid waves rippling on the surface of Titan. This is something that has never been seen before.

Researchers believe that more waves may soon appear on the surface because of an expected increase in wind in the northern hemisphere of Titan.

Though the finding is not certain, fellow astro-physicist Ralph Lorenz believes that Titan may be beginning to stir.

According to reports, the thick cloud cover on Titan makes actual photography very difficult. Scientists are forced to rely on radar images to study the moon’s surface. This leaves open the possibility that, rather than waves, researchers are seeing reflections from a smooth wet surface such as a mudflat or iceberg.

It is, however, understood that scientists would go for further studies and observations of the moon surface to make sure what really it is.


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