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जबरदस्त जीत का संदेश

जबरदस्त जीत का संदेश

17 Feb 2015

दिल्ली में आम आदमी पार्टी की जीत को भारतीय लोकतंत्र के लिए मील के पत्थर की तरह देख रहे हैं संजय गुप्त

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Sham <strong>Elections</strong> In PoK

Sham Elections In PoK

01 Jul 2011

At a time when the focus is on the India-Pakistan Foreign Secretary-level talks, an important event, taking place on June 26, has gone largely unnoticed: elections in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). This Sunday’s polls to elect a new government in PoK have once again raised the issue of how the Pakistan government and the army treat the people of PoK and their basic human rights. Fears of political and military interference in the elections and use of strong arm tactics to extract a pre-determined electoral result are being raised not only in the international community but, now increasingly, within Pakistan itself.

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Break stalemate on <strong>Lok</strong> Pal Bill

Break stalemate on Lok Pal Bill

23 Aug 2011

A fierce controversy is raging in the country regarding the creation of Lok Pal as an effective agency to check corruption and black money that have been ruling the roost ever since  the drawn of independence. Gandhiji in 1947, AD Gorwala committee in 1951, Santhanam committee in 1963 and also D Sanjiviya, the Congress president in 1963, all presented frightening accounts of corruption and black money, the country was steeped in. However all these warning signals were ignored.

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MPs and their beacon lights

MPs and their beacon lights

24 Dec 2011

Simple living, high thinking is no longer on the agenda of our netas. Barring a few exceptions, most of them believe that they cannot command the respect of the people unless they flaunt their political power or their wealth. This attitude of peoples’ representatives is most obvious in Delhi, the seat of political power in India. Nothing explains the present mood of MPs than the demand by MPs to be given the right to fit red beacons atop their cars.

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US–China–India:  Strategic triangle

US–China–India: Strategic triangle

14 Nov 2012

Two major national elections – that in the USA  and China respectively have been  the focus of considerable attention in recent weeks and the outcome  provides an instructive contrast with a very abiding relevance for India.

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Sachin must stand and deliver

Sachin must stand and deliver

08 Jun 2012

Sachin Tendulkar may have cleared the air recently by saying that his priority in life remains his much-loved game of cricket. But when he takes oath as a Rajya Sabha member in New Delhi today, his plate of duty will get larger.

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Obama Versus Romney: It’s All Good

Obama Versus Romney: It’s All Good

29 Oct 2012

Just a month back it had seemed as if the US President, Barack Obama, would have a smooth sailing for a second term at the White House. He was leading in the polls, the Democrats had succeeded in panting his opponent, Mitt Romney, as a gaffe-prone bumbler out of touch with ordinary Americans and the economy was showing signs of recovery. And then something rather unexpected happened.

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BJP needs to shed dominant status in NDA

BJP needs to shed dominant status in NDA

23 May 2011

Just as Communists are fond of invoking the “final crisis” of capitalism, the BJP is perennially hopeful of the lotus blooming in Kerala—at least for the past 30 years.

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Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi

Open Letter To Rahul Gandhi

22 Dec 2011

Dear Mr Gandhi, The elections in UP are, understandably, your major preoccupation.  It is difficult to predict the result. But even if you do well, will India have reason to celebrate? Electoral success will show that you are better than the opposition. But that bar is now so low that is almost an embarrassment to trumpet that one is merely better than the opposition.

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It is now turn of Rahul to lecture us!

It is now turn of Rahul to lecture us!

01 Oct 2011

The other day Rahul Gandhi made a “lofty” speech against corruption in the Lok Sabha and solemnly declared “we cannot wish away corruption by the mere desire to see it removed from our lives .This requires a comprehensive framework of action and a concerted political program supported by all levels of the state from the highest to the lowest. Most importantly, it requires firm political will”.

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