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'<strong>Coffee</strong> bloom' - Movie Review

'Coffee bloom' - Movie Review

06 Mar 2015

Coffee bloom is an excellent example of how some filmmakers end up making pretentious, self indulgent unwatchable movies in the name of independent cinema. These are the kind of films that get so taken by the whole idea of making a different film, that they forget to concentrate on little detailing or work on the characters or the script.

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<strong>Advantages</strong> of being single child in family

Advantages of being single child in family

13 Jan 2015

New Delhi: If you are single child at your home, you earn more clout and are treated as prince or princess that brings many royalties your way. You have no point to regard yourself as a lone child in this big world rather you should enjoy the perks of being one. Here, we are listing the advantages of being an only child of your parents.

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Only 38 percent worldwide have ever used internet: Study

Only 38 percent worldwide have ever used internet: Study

27 Feb 2015

Washington: Only 38 percent of people worldwide have connected to the internet at least once in their lives, according to a study published by Facebook's initiative.

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Drinking <strong>coffee</strong> may lower multiple sclerosis risk: Study

Drinking coffee may lower multiple sclerosis risk: Study

28 Feb 2015

Washington: People who drink four to six cups of coffee daily may have a lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS), a new research has claimed.

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Drinking <strong>coffee</strong> may reduce skin cancer risk

Drinking coffee may reduce skin cancer risk

21 Jan 2015

New York: Scientists have found that drinking four cups of coffee a day has a protective effect against skin cancer. Although the results are preliminary, lifestyle modifications with even modest protective effects may have a meaningful impact on melanoma morbidity, the researchers said.

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Daily <strong>coffee</strong> may cut Alzheimer's risk by 20 percent

Daily coffee may cut Alzheimer's risk by 20 percent

27 Nov 2014

London: Researchers have found that drinking up to five cups of coffee per day may help curb Alzheimer's risk by 20 percent. Caffeine in coffee helps prevent the formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrulary tangles in the brain - two hallmarks of Alzheimer's, the findings showed.

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AAP falls short of fund collection target

AAP falls short of fund collection target

08 Feb 2015

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party might be frontrunner in the race to take over the reins in Delhi but it has fallen way short of achieving its target of collecting Rs. 30 crore before the February 7 polling.

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<strong>Coffee</strong> exports down by 4 percent so far this year

Coffee exports down by 4 percent so far this year

25 Nov 2014

New Delhi: India's coffee exports fell by four percent to 2.75 lakh tonnes so far this year due to volatile global prices, according to the Coffee Board.

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Sweet devil: Top 5 cupcake flavours!

Sweet devil: Top 5 cupcake flavours!

21 Jan 2015

New Delhi: Cupcakes are surely an alternative to the big bulky cakes that might not be liked by a person who prefers eating different flavours at one time. This small delight of sweetness is also being popularly used as a prominent gifting option on various occasions, be it wedding, birthday or thanksgiving. The recipes are quite and they have space of ample innovation.

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Filtered <strong>coffee</strong> keeps diabetes at bay

Filtered coffee keeps diabetes at bay

14 Nov 2014

London: Regular, moderate consumption of filtered, decaffeinated coffee may decrease an individual's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, promising research indicates.

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