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Relax! <strong>Coffee</strong> won't give your heart extra beats

Relax! Coffee won't give your heart extra beats

27 Jan 2016

New York: You have another reason to drink that cup of coffee. Researchers including an Indian-origin medical student now report that regular caffeine consumption does not lead to extra heartbeats, which may lead - in rare cases - to heart- or stroke-elated morbidity and mortality.

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<strong>Coffee</strong> can help you in following fitness regime

Coffee can help you in following fitness regime

14 Jan 2016

London: Struggling to stick to fitness regime? Have a cup of coffee! According to an interesting study, the use of caffeine could help people stick to their fitness plans.

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  <strong>Coffee</strong> may boost athlete's performance: Study

Coffee may boost athlete's performance: Study

21 Dec 2015

New York: Caffeine in a morning cup of coffee can help improve athletic endurance, reveals a new study.

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Famous 'chaai ka addas' in Delhi

Famous 'chaai ka addas' in Delhi

12 Jan 2016

New Delhi: It's good time to have a cup of tea to warm yourself in the winter. It is the perfect beverage to indulge in at any point of time. Tea is served in every nook and corner including many cafes and restaurants across Delhi. Here, we bring some of the places to find them.

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Three-four cups of <strong>coffee</strong> can cut diabetes risk

Three-four cups of coffee can cut diabetes risk

03 Dec 2015

London: Much to coffee lovers' delight, drinking three to four cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, said a new study.

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<strong>Coffee</strong> makes subtle changes in your brain

Coffee makes subtle changes in your brain

14 Dec 2015

London: Do you know having a cup of coffee makes small changes in your brain just like skipping breakfast does? Now, MRI scans taken by a researcher of his own brain over the last 18 months reveal brain changes not observed before.

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Five video games that make you smarter

Five video games that make you smarter

29 Dec 2015

New Delhi: While growing up, the biggest struggle we faced was to convince our parents to let us play our favorite video game for few more minutes. Unfortunately, we were unaware of the scientifically proven benefits of playing these games at that time.

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Moderate <strong>coffee</strong> drinking may reduce death risk: Study

Moderate coffee drinking may reduce death risk: Study

17 Nov 2015

Boston: Drinking two to three cups of coffee daily may reduce your risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and suicide, researchers including those of Indian-origin have claimed.

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 Even honeybees love <strong>coffee</strong>!

Even honeybees love coffee!

17 Oct 2015

London: If you thought only humans can get addicted to coffee, think again. New research reveals even honeybees find caffeinated beverages, err, nectar, irresistible!

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 Relax! <strong>Coffee</strong> not linked to increased risk of irregular heartbeat

Relax! Coffee not linked to increased risk of irregular heartbeat

28 Sep 2015

London: People who like drinking coffee can safely continue to have it, at least in moderation, without the risk of developing atrial fibrillation -- a heart condition that causes an irregular and often abnormally fast heart rate, suggests new research.

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