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Jailing of wheelchair-bound Beijing <strong>airport</strong> <strong>bomber</strong> sparks anger

Jailing of wheelchair-bound Beijing airport bomber sparks anger

15 Oct 2013

Beijing: A Chinese man in a wheelchair who detonated a home-made bomb in Beijing's airport after trying to draw attention to a nearly decade-long legal battle was sentenced to six years in jail, his lawyer said on Tuesday, sparking widespread sympathy and anger.

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Brussels attacks: Najim Laachraoui confirmed as second <strong>bomber</strong>

Brussels attacks: Najim Laachraoui confirmed as second bomber

26 Mar 2016

Brussels: Belgium's federal prosecutor confirmed yesterday that Najim Laachraoui was one of the two suicide bombers who struck Brussels airport this week in a series of attacks which left 31 people dead.

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Suicide blasts hit Afghanistan as Taliban wages bloody fighting

Suicide blasts hit Afghanistan as Taliban wages bloody fighting

30 Jun 2015

Kabul: Suicide attackers today targeted foreign troops in Kabul and a police headquarters in restive southern Afghanistan, killing two people and wounding nearly 60, as the Taliban's bloody summer offensive showed no signs of letting up.

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Suicide <strong>bomber</strong> attacks German troops near <strong>airport</strong> in Kabul

Suicide bomber attacks German troops near airport in Kabul

11 Dec 2013

Kabul: A suicide bomber attacked a convoy of German troops near the international airport in Kabul, on Wednesday, a military official said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties.

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Suicide <strong>bomber</strong> kills nine near Kabul <strong>airport</strong>

Suicide bomber kills nine near Kabul airport

18 Sep 2012

A suicide bomber blew up a mini-bus carrying foreign and local contract workers near Kabul airport in Afghanistan on Tuesday, with at least nine bodies lying near the wreckage, a witness at the scene said.

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ISIS <strong>Bomber</strong> Kills 50 At Turkey Wedding Party

ISIS Bomber Kills 50 At Turkey Wedding Party

21 Aug 2016

Gaziantep (Turkey): At least 50 people were killed in a southeastern Turkish city close to Syria when a suspected suicide bomber linked to Islamic State jihadists attacked a edding thronged with guests, officials said today.

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US Flies Bombers Over South Korea In Show Of Force Against North Korea's Nuclear Test

US Flies Bombers Over South Korea In Show Of Force Against North Korea's Nuclear Test

13 Sep 2016

Seoul: The US military on Tuesday flew two nuclear-capable supersonic bombers over South Korea in a show of force following North Korea's recent nuclear test.

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Blast in German bar; suspected <strong>bomber</strong> killed

Blast in German bar; suspected bomber killed

25 Jul 2016

Berlin: A Syrian refugee has been killed setting off a bomb at a bar in southern Germany which also wounded a dozen other people, authorities say, the third attack to hit Bavaria in a week.

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Suicide <strong>bomber</strong> kill 40 people in Kabul

Suicide bomber kill 40 people in Kabul

30 Jun 2016

Kabul: At least 40 people were killed today when a suicide bomber attacked an Afghan police convoy outside capital Kabul, media reported.

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China Developing Long-range <strong>Bomber</strong> To Ramp Up Air Power

China Developing Long-range Bomber To Ramp Up Air Power

02 Sep 2016

Beijing: China is developing a new long-range bomber, the head of the Chinese air force was quoted as saying in state media on Friday, the latest move in its ambitious military modernisation programme.

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