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Stalk your fellow flier with 'Quicket' app

Stalk your fellow flier with 'Quicket' app

03 Nov 2014

London: Want to check out the social profile of your fellow flier before striking up a conversation? A new app could help you do so.

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Uber To Develop Own <strong>Maps</strong> To Diverge From Google

Uber To Develop Own Maps To Diverge From Google

03 Aug 2016

New Delhi: In a bid to seek independence from using Google Maps for its services, taxi-hailing company Uber has recently announced a major expansion of its internal mapping programme.

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Strange! Bats Build Mental <strong>Maps</strong> To Recognise Surroundings

Strange! Bats Build Mental Maps To Recognise Surroundings

04 Aug 2016

London: Bats observe and remember echo templates to form mental maps of their environment, which helps them recognise their surroundings, a new study has found.

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Google <strong>Maps</strong> For iOS Now Supports Multiple Destinations

Google Maps For iOS Now Supports Multiple Destinations

31 Jul 2016

New York: Tech giant Google's navigation app 'Google Maps' for Apple's iOS has got a new feature giving users the ability to add multiple stops to a single trip.

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Make road trips easy with Google <strong>Maps</strong>

Make road trips easy with Google Maps

05 Jul 2016

New Delhi: If you are planning a road trip soon, update Google Maps on your smartphone now. With the latest update on Google Maps on Android (coming soon to iOS), you can now plan road trip with multi-stop directions.

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Google integrates <strong>Maps</strong> into Drive

Google integrates Maps into Drive

03 Jul 2015

Washington: Search engine giant Google has integrated custom Google Maps into Google Drive. Google's My Maps tool already allows its users to create custom maps.

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Microsoft updates Windows 10 <strong>Maps</strong> app

Microsoft updates Windows 10 Maps app

19 Mar 2016

New York: Good news for Windows 10 mobile users! Microsoft has added new features and made a series of tweaks to its Windows 10 Maps app gifting users better search and driving interface.

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Google to show Ola, Uber cabs information on <strong>Maps</strong>

Google to show Ola, Uber cabs information on Maps

17 Mar 2016

New Delhi: Tech giant Google today said it has partnered cab hailing apps Uber and Ola to allow users in India to check if a taxi is available in the vicinity from the Google Maps app.

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Google <strong>Maps</strong> gets Wi-Fi only mode for Android

Google Maps gets Wi-Fi only mode for Android

25 Jul 2016

New Delhi: Google is all set to introduce Wi-Fi only mode for its Maps app. The new notifications for mass transit delays, apart from new toggle, might be available. The Maps v9.32 is required to be installed for the use of the feature.

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Tim Cook inaugurates Apple <strong>Maps</strong> development office in Hyderabad

Tim Cook inaugurates Apple Maps development office in Hyderabad

19 May 2016

Hyderabad: Apple Inc today announced the opening of a new office here that will focus on development of Maps for its products including iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

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