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Possible to detect <strong>autism</strong> in foetus: Study

Possible to detect autism in foetus: Study

27 Apr 2013

Scientists have found a way of detecting and quantifying an infant's risk of autism in the womb itself, says a new study conducted by scientists in the US.

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New mobile app to help people with <strong>autism</strong>

New mobile app to help people with autism

05 Oct 2015

London: British researchers have developed a new mobile app that could involve people with autism in the development of new technologies for their own use.

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<strong>Autism</strong> may begin in <strong>womb</strong>: Study

Autism may begin in womb: Study

28 Mar 2014

New York: Conditions for autism may develop even before birth, in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, a new study has found.

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<strong>Autism</strong> may originate during pregnancy: Study

Autism may originate during pregnancy: Study

08 Apr 2014

New Delhi: A new study reveals that autism may begin during a baby’s early development in the womb. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Allen Institute for Brain Science autism have published a study that gives clear and direct new evidence that autism begins during pregnancy.

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New test to help early <strong>diagnosis</strong> of ovarian cancer

New test to help early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

26 May 2015

Washington:  Opening up the possibility for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer, scientists have identified genetic material that distinguishes its cells from normal cells.

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Cancer <strong>diagnosis</strong> affects cognitive function

Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function

19 Apr 2015

Berlin: A cancer diagnosis can lead patients to experience post-traumatic stress which may affect cognitive function, a new study has found.

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Video games to cure <strong>autism</strong>?

Video games to cure autism?

13 Apr 2015

London: Non-violent video games which capitalise on engaging storytelling have pro-social benefits that could ultimately be helpful to clinical disorders such as autism, says a study.

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Google Glass may improve social skills in autistic people

Google Glass may improve social skills in autistic people

27 Jul 2015

Washington: A new technology uses Google Glass to help those with autism make eye contact, engage in conversations and more easily read social situations. Ned Sahin, a Boston entrepreneur and scientist, has developed a new technology that aims to change the way those with autism see the world.

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Why some children are born with <strong>autism</strong>, reveals study

Why some children are born with autism, reveals study

20 Feb 2015

Washington: According to US, autism genes are activated during fetal brain development. Autism-related mutations are connected to a pathway that regulates brain development.

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Delhi Fair raises awareness about <strong>autism</strong>

Delhi Fair raises awareness about autism

03 Apr 2015

New Delhi: To help better understand autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development the Centre for Child and Adolescent Well Being (CCAW) is geared up for several awareness raising actions.

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